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Lou 03/25/2013 14:02

Some graphical resources seen are copyrighted by their respective owners, SquareEnix and others, and are temporary placeholders. They will not appear in any released version of the game. Resources that will be used in the game are either created by myself or credited to their respective Artist. I especially want to thank websites and communities such as for creating some of the placeholders I used during development. Dusk Tactics, source code, and the ideas and information on this website are all copyright ©2014-2020 Louis Agoglia

Wikipedia: Astonishia Story Link
Astonishia Story
Astonishia Story Coverart.png
Platform(s)MS-DOS, GP32, Microsoft Windows, mobile phone, PlayStation Portable
  • KOR: January 21, 2002
  • KOR: May 5, 2002
  • KOR: April 21, 2004
PlayStation Portable
  • KOR: August 12, 2005
  • AU: June 23, 2006
  • NA: June 27, 2006
  • EU: June 30, 2006
  • JP: September 28, 2006
Genre(s)Role-playing video game
Mode(s)Single player

Astonishia Story (어스토니시아 스토리) is a series of 2D role-playing video games created by the Korean video game developer Sonnori. The first game in the series was released as Astonishia Story for MS-DOS in South Korea in 1994. A sequel, also for Windows, was released in July 1994 in South Korea under the title Astonishia Story: Forgotten Saga. In 2002, a remake of the original game, Astonishia Story R was published for the Korean GP32 handheld system. It was subsequently ported to the Windows and PlayStation Portable platforms.

The PlayStation Portable rendition of Astonishia Story R was released in 2005 as Astonishia Story, having been enhanced further and adjusted to fit the PSP's 16:9 screen ratio. The game has since been licensed by Ubisoft and was published in the United States on June 27, 2006 and in Europe on June 30, 2006. This was the first time that a game in the Astonishia Story series has made it to the West.

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